A song is like a letter to your friends, a short-film from imagination, a place to escape to, a glance in the crowd, and so many other things. It feels different to each of us.

I hope you enjoy my first album. It was made as open as possible. In fact, it has made itself, in its own time, humanufactoring itself....

—Tiago Rocha

1 Entre Sem Bater Lyrics
2 Mariê Lyrics
3 Céu dos Aviões Lyrics
4 Se Seja Lyrics
5 Sal de Salvador Lyrics
6 Porto da Barra Lyrics
7 Sua Canção Preferida Lyrics
8 Uma Canção Lyrics


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Tiago Rocha

Produced by Tiago Rocha
Arranged by Tiago Rocha and all musicians involved
Mixed by David Feldman (Vira Estúdio, Rio de Janeiro)
Mastering by Phil Mendelsohn (HotDish Mastering, Canadá)
Recorded by Daniel Reis (drums and bass at the Groove Studios, in Salvador), Danilo Santana (acoustic guitars, at the “Closed Closet Studios”, in Guararema), Tiago Rocha (vocals, at the “Service Area Studios”, in São Paulo), and other musicians at their homes.

Cover art by Túlio Carapiá (Salvador)
Website by Lucas Rocha (London)
Photos by Felipe Menhem (São Paulo)

Tiago Rocha: vocals; and acoustic guitars (Céu dos Aviões and Porto da Barra)
Ebinho Cardoso: bass (all tracks; solo on Sal de Salvador)
Kezo Nogueira: drums (all tracks; except Se Seja)
Jorge Solovera: guitar (all tracks)
Gustavo diDalva: percussion (all tracks)
David Feldman: piano (Entre Sem Bater and Uma Canção)
André Magalhães: pads, synths (Mariê, Céu dos Aviões, and Porto da Barra)
Bruno Aranha: organ (Sua Canção Preferida)



Ebinho Cardoso, Kezo Nogueira, Daniel Reis, Brian Knave, Márcia Mori, Danilo Santana, Andreia Toledo, Gustavo diDalva, David Feldman, Phil Mendelsohn, Salete Silva, Chico Ulisses, Lucas Rocha, Adelena Rios, Márcio Lopes, Mariano Portugal, Jorge Solovera. André Magalhães, Bruno Aranha, Túlio Carapiá, Felipe Menhem, Aparecida Lacerda, Adriana Albuquerque, Paroano Sai Milhó, Lourdes Rocha, Liu Rangel, Luis Flávio, Marco Vilane, Filipe Bueno.

And to everyone who participated on the stages that preceded the production of this album, especially the Humanufaturas concert in 2006. And to those I might have forgotten to include here.


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Tiago Rocha
São Paulo, SP (Brazil)
P: +55 (11) 986498998